About Us

A nurse holding the hands on an elderly in bedWestern Horizon Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. is a hospice care provider in Lake Forest, California. Our hospice programs are available to patients in the nearby cities and counties.

Hospice is not about aggressive treatment but rather it is enhancing the quality of life for the individual during his or her remaining days. In many cases, the patient or the family has decided to pursue comfort measures instead of recuperative treatment. This is where pain management, symptom control and emotional support are critical in the hospice care plan.

To address the unique needs of clients, our team of hospice professionals is composed of a medical director, a medical social worker, a nurse and sometimes supplemented with hospice volunteers. We work hand-in-hand to provide interdisciplinary care to someone you love who has a limited life expectancy.

If you wish to meet us personally for a consultation, please give us a call at 855-611-4677 (HOSP) and set a schedule.


  • Address:
    2 South Pointe Drive, Suite 130
    Lake Forest, California 92630
  • Phone: 855-611-4677 (HOSP)
    Fax: 949-716-6577
  • Email:
23591 El Toro Road, Suite 200, Lake Forest, California 92630 Address


Western Horizon Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. serves the residents of Lake Forest, California.

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